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Color Abstract

        Quilted Desert, 10x10,
                mixed media


Jubilee, 7x7, mixed media

   Desert Gems, 7x7, mixed media

    Moonlight, 7x7, mixed media

 Harvest Moon, 7x7, mixed media

Desert Dreaming, 5x5, 
mixed media


    Precarious, 5x5, mixed media

    Joy, 36x36, mixed media

                         Reaching Out, 10x10, oil

    Cat, 13x9, mixed media

 River Walk, 9.4x7.4, mixed media

Off the Grid, 9.4x7.4, mixed media

Sunbeams, 9.4x7.4, mixed media

                              Moon Rise, 7.4x9.4, mixed media

Submerged, 10x10,  acrylic

Ode to Joy, 10x10, mixed media

"Don't only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets,..." 
                        Ludwig van Beethoven

                       Nocturne, 10x10, mixed media

       This piece began as a very dark monochromatic
monoprint.  With collage, it gradually evolved into
 what reminds me of a city scene at night.
Are the gold pieces falling stars?
Cars' headlights?


Night Music, 16x13, mixed media

This began as an experiment with layering transparent acrylics in varying shapes.  Along the way I added texture and a few stamps to provide contrast.  My love of turquoise is obvious!

                                        Memories, 14.5x11.5,
                                 acrylic/ mixed media

I love arches, and this piece evokes places
I've visited with arch after arch, leading you
to places unknown.


  Petroglyphs, 6x4, mixed media

  Using mostly neutral earth colors is different for me.  
  The different papers provide nice contrast.

              Southwest Afternoon, 5x5, 
                                  mixed media

When I look at the desert and the mountains near my home, this is what 
I see!  Bright colors and layers.

 Bubbly, 5.5x4.5, mixed media

 There are only a few colors used in the papers here, 
 but the patterns and "bubbles" made by hole-punching
 provide interest.


Canyon Walls, 8x10, acrylic

After a day of plein air painting in a canyon in Utah, 
I decided to use the paint I had left on my palette 
to paint what I felt, not what I saw.  
I couldn't resist adding some turquoise to the other colors!

Southwest Panorama (triptych), 4x4 each

I wanted to try a triptych landscape, and this is the result.  
The papers are all hand made, including paper made from 
"distressed" magazine pages.  
I like the rocky look of the paper!

Asian Fusion, 8x8, mixed media

This piece started as a fairly simply mono print 
to which I added hand printed papers.  
I like the circle contrasting with all the straight lines and squares.

 Floating, 6x6, mixed media

 This piece was started by selecting colors 
 that I liked together -- some bright, some neutral,
 with a variety of patterns.



                    High Mesa, 6x6, mixed media

            (or in this case "square-punching"!)
          allows colors below to peak through.
             This provides another way to layer
                                    papers for contrast.

 Sonoran Dream, 6x6, mixed media

 The "saguaro cactus" shape emerged 
 in this piece!  It wasn't particularly planned, 
 but I like the results with the other 
 desert-like colors.