Welcome to my web studio.
I'm an abstract, mixed media, collage artist.
For me, colors and textures are what excites. Acrylics provide the vibrant colors, and layers supply the textures.  Blanketing transparent paints over one another, based on emotions, provide the richness, complexity, and depth that I seek.

I'm attracted by the entire process. Rather than employing realistic objects, I concentrate on the interaction of shapes, colors, lines, and textures as I adjust the composition.  I know the techniques that I'm going to use but I don't always know the route or what will result until I work through the steps.  I react to each layer making alterations as desired. It's similar to solving a puzzle.  I work slowly, constantly analysing and improving the piece until I reach a point of satisfaction.

Hopefully, I will be pleased with each result.  

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. 


Please come in to my gallery and look around.  I hope you will enjoy my art.